Where is beauty hidden?
If you asked the ancients, the artists of all time …
In what is identified as in the period of classicism Leonardo has asked, trying to make through his theories a series of canons to appeal.
And today, like yesterday, the answer remains the same: harmony of forms.
Interpreting a face does not just mean running the dictates of fashion, breathing and spreading the trends of the moment but enhancing, knowing how to “read” the cards that are available, the human material in front of you. The right cut, the right color, the make-up in line with the occasion … are just the frame of a personality that, through the suggestions of makeup and wigs, asks to express itself.

Enrico Ciani

Titolare e Direttore Artistico

Stefano De Stefani

Stefano de stefani esperienza trentennale in extensions specialist e tecnico

Simona Salzano

Simona Salzano stilista dall'esperienza trentennale specializzata nella colorazione e nel tecnico

Francesco Greco

Francesco Greco stilista dall'esperienza trentennale specializzato nel settore artistico acconciature e tagli stilistici personalizzati